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Johann Georg Ade Family from Bondorf

Johann Georg Ade

son of Johannes Ade and Barbara Kauffman

born 21 Jan. 1804 in Niederdobel

moved to Bondorf in 1832 and later went to America

married 27 Nov. 1827 in Bondorf

Christina Böckle

daughter of Johann Michael Böckle and Anna Schlayer

Children born in Bondorf:

  • Christina Ade, born 9 Mar. 1828; died 18 Mar. 1828 in Bondorf.
  • Christina Ade, born 28 July 1829; went to America.
  • Anna Maria Ade, born 9 Mar. 1831; went to America.

Family went to America after 1831.

Source: Bondorf Evangelische Kirche Familienregister

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