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Slaves of Samuel Allen of Rockingham County, North Carolina (1855)

List of slaves sold on March 27, 1855 from the estate of Samuel Allen in Rockingham County, North Carolina.

Inventories, 1855-1865, Page 13

Mrs. Allen purchased Sarah, a Negro woman, $200

Wm. R. Strong purchased Jack, a Negro man, $900

Dr. T. M. Cayle purchased Alfred, a Negro boy, $895

Joseph H. Cardwell purchased Matilda, a Negro woman, $895

Joseph H. Cardwell purchased Green, a Negro boy, $450

Thomas Hall purchased Susan, a Negro girl, $515

Charles Ellington purchased Patsey a Negro woman & her child, $895

David Molloy purchased Leany, a Negro girl, $406

Richard Ellington purchased Anthony, a Negro boy, $112

Col. J. M. Scales purchased an unnamed small child, $150

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