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Division Two of the Slaves of John Atkinson of Sumter County, South Carolina (1833)

We Tho’s J. Polk, Isaac Lenoir, and James H. Sylvester being called on by James Atkinson, Exr. of the Est. of John Atkinson, deceased, to make a Division of the Negroes belonging to the said John Atkinson dec’d agreeable to a deed made by him in his life time have divided them and allotted them as follows, to wit:

To James Atkinson, Jun’r

Anthony, $475

Ellen $400

Matilda, $375

Total: $1,250

To Henry Atkinson

Stepney, $375

March, $400

Becky, $400

Total: $1,175

To Sarah Atkinson

Ceasar, $425

Caty, $275

Susan, $225

Jenny, $225

Janet, $1

Total: $1,151

To Elizabeth Atkinson

Nelus, $400

Letty, $350

Nelus, $250

Pricilla, $150

Adam, $100

Total: $1,250

We further allot that Elizabeth Atkinson pay to Sarah Atkinson the sum of Forty three dollars and 50/100 and that James Atkinson pay Sarah Atkinson the sum of Twelve Dollars and that James Atkins pay ot Henry Atkinson the sum of Thirty one dollars.

Signed: Tho. J. Polk, Isaac Lenoir, James H. Sylvester

Source: Sumter County, South Carolina Estate Records, Bundle 1 Number 1

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