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Slaves of John Rhame of Sumter County, South Carolina (1854)

An inventory and appraisement of all the goods and chattels of John Rhame, deceased…taken on the 15th day of July, 1854 in Sumter County, South Carolina.

Ben & Mary, $1,700

Hester and her children: Dolly, Richard and Sandy, $1,700

Angeline, Robert and Lewis, $1,600

Adam, $1,000

Simon, $800

Easter, $450

Roset & children: Mena, Anna, Louisa and Albert, $1,800

Nancy & children: Julia, Moriah, Milly and Billy, $2,250

Peter & Lydia, Minta, Henry and Rhema, $2,700

Baccus, Rose & Elcy, $2,000

Caleb, Lotty & child Jim, $2,100

Tom, $950

Sally, $900

Source: Sumter County, South Carolina Estate Records, Bundle 163 Package 10.

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